Galarian Regional Predictions in Pokemon Go

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I did a totally-Pokemon related post. Now that we’re truly in the swing of Generation 8, I thought it’d be good to reflect back on our previous regional predictions post, and come up with some predictions for the Galar region when it launches in Pokemon Go. It won’t be for a couple of years, mind, but we can think ahead.

I want to (again), focus on Pokemon that don’t have evolution lines, of which there are eight of those (not including Galarian forms of existing Pokemon).

As a note, Farfetch’d, Corsola and Mr. Mime are current regionals that now have new forms and evolutions. Therefore I feel that for general ease, the Galarian forms will spawn in the same regions as their original forms, with the added ability to evolve.



Cramorant is based on the cormorant, which range around the world, with the exception of the central Pacific islands. These birds are coastal birds rather than oceanic, and some colonise inland waters. Due to this, it’s unlikely that Cramorant will be a regional, as you can’t generally pin it down easily. I would like to see Raid Battles with a Cramorant gulping an Arrokuda or gorging on a Pikachu.



From what I researched, Falinks is based on the phalanx, which was a rectangular mass military formation – which explains why there are six individuals lined up in such a formation. This was the formation described in Ancient Greek warfare. I wouldn’t mind Falinks being an Eastern European exclusive if that is the case.



Pincurchin looks like it’s based on a sea urchin, while its name sounds more like the word ‘pincushion’. Honestly, I thought it was more like a Galarian Pyukumuku but never mind. But because sea urchins can be found in any environment, it hardly qualifies to be a regional.



Stonjourner is based on Stonehenge, so it’d be a disgrace if us Brits didn’t get Stonjourner as a regional. Its Pokedex entry for Shield literally states ‘Once a year, on a specific date and at a specific time, they gather out of nowhere and form up in a circle.’ On the Summer Solstice, people flock to Stonehenge to witness the sunrise – this is what the entry refers to. Honestly, I love that they have a Pokemon based on Stonehenge (I’ve never been, but it’s on my to-do list).



Eiscue is a brilliant Pokemon! I think because of its Ice Face Ability, it may be a stalled release unless they bring out the Noice Face form in all weather except for snow, which will then give it that weather boost and the Ice Face form. Therefore it’ll be an unlikely regional anywhere unless you want to keep it in the southern hemisphere. However, it doesn’t snow that frequently or heavily in the southern hemisphere, making my form-switch idea null and void almost.



Indeedee is a Pokemon that has a separate male and female form – and both are exclusive to each of the versions, and they have different stat distributions. With that said, I think Indeedee will be exclusive to regions similar to those of the rotating Hoenn Pokemon.



Morpeko is the Pikachu clone of the generation, and in the tradition, will be a likely regional exclusive, except for one caveat. Like Eiscue, Morkepo has a form-changing Ability known as Hunger Switch, which then changes the type that Aura Wheel, its signature move, will become. However, the type-changing move is unlikely, which is where my idea comes in: Morpeko can spawn in both forms, and that form determines the type of Aura Wheel (which cannot be changed via TM, like Hidden Power).



Duraludon is an absolute beast of a Pokemon with great type-coverage. Instead of a regional, I could see it as a very challenging 4* Raid Boss exclusive or a very rare Pokemon. That’s really all I have to say on it.

I wanna see what ideas you have for these Pokemon, and whether or not they should be real!

What I Learned From November Writing Challenge

Hello! I wanted to reflect on the November Writing Challenge that I’d set myself. If you found me and followed because of my November Writing Challenge, I thank you so much!

I’ll go in by saying that I’d had a lot of writer’s block before I started. I was on-off working on a novel series called Warrior Academy, and also trying to work on a story for a World of Darkness roleplay that I’ll be running in the future. I wanted to do the NaNoWriMo for November, but I didn’t have the confidence to write a full novel in a month, especially with the absurd writer’s block. So I decided to write a short story for every day of the month.

I made it a point to submit at the same time every day (12pm GMT), therefore I would finish by the evening before at the very latest. It meant careful planning and preparation about a week prior to the start of the challenge.

I was led towards the prompt list that Tim posted for his Mid-Month Short Story Challenge. I decided to do all of them because, even though there were some that I didn’t fancy the idea of writing, it was a sure challenge nonetheless – bear in mind that it was nothing to do with the prompts themselves, it was that they wouldn’t be something I’d normally write. To fill the gaps, I created my own prompts, and that was sufficient. You can see all of the prompts here.

I had written a couple of prompts before November, ready for the deadlines. I admit Diary of a Receptionist was written shortly after I was nearly mugged on Halloween, so I wasn’t in the best state of mind. But I’m okay with how it turned out in the end.

My favourite to write was A Normal Tuesday Night. It took me about four different songs to cycle through before I cycled to this one. And then the story just fell from my head and onto the keyboard, and I was happy with it.

The longer the challenge carried on, the harder it got for me mentally, and I was struggling to write or come up with ideas. I was stressed from planning and writing and I was looking forward to the end of the month purely so I didn’t have to write yet another story.

It was when I got a 24-hour stomach bug and I stayed in bed most of the day, that I decided to go ahead and write out a whole week’s worth of submissions so that I could take a break for a while. And it worked out for the better because I was hit with a terrible cold that night, and I was barely capable of writing much for the first few days of said illness.

Something else I learned was that I enjoy writing short stories more than I do full novels, so I know it’s a route that I may take with my first publication.

Overall, I won’t be doing a challenge quite like this again. Instead, I would spend a week writing so I can do a new short story every week instead. That way, I wouldn’t have to focus on thirty stories.

What Is My Favourite Pokemon Type?

A little while ago, I watched this video by Truegreen7, where he ranked all of the Pokemon types. This was based on going through all of the Pokemon and deducing which ones he loved, and getting a percentage based on that. I wanted to do the same, to see if my favoured type is the same as what I believe my favourite type is. I’ll go from the bottom-ranked type, and work my way up.

All I did was divide the amount I loved by the amount of total Pokemon in that type, including Mega Evolutions and alternate forms, but not Gigantamax forms (for example, Mega Ampharos and Pirouette Forme Meloetta are eligible, but not Gigantamax Corviknight).

I started this before the release of Sword/Shield, but I decided to re-do it again after the release of the games. Therefore, there will be some Galarian spoilers!

Predictions before calculating: I want to hope it’s Electric at the top, but in the case that it isn’t, I wouldn’t be mad with Dragon or Ghost.

But for now, let’s get into the list!

18) Normal – 44.7%

I’m not surprised that the Normal type is ranked the lowest on this list. It’s a very generalist type, and it doesn’t really have any uses apart from its immunity to Ghost – which isn’t unique, considering the Fighting-type also has that immunity. Plus the abundance of Normal-types on this list drives home the thought that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, which is something we’ll get down to later. I think the trope of the Route 1 rodents/birds never helps, especially with Pokemon such as Watchog and Greedent.

17) Ice – 57.41%

It’s not that I don’t like Ice types. In fact, I do enjoy them, but it seems that I enjoy the ones I like a lot more than the ones I don’t particularly care for. Pokemon like Cloyster, Aurorus and Weavile I really like, but it doesn’t help that the Ice type is the least abundant. The Galar Pokemon, such as Snom and Arctozolt, really helped it though, and I found it refreshing to find a variety of different Ice-types that I liked in one region.

16) Grass – 59.29%

Let’s just say the Thwackey, Rillaboom, Gossifleur and Eldegoss in the Galar region really let the Grass-type down in this one! I feel that if they weren’t released, or if they were made better, the Grass-type may be higher on this list (while Rillaboom isn’t disappointing to use, its appearance could have been better). It’s a shame, because two of my favourite Pokemon, Roserade and Ludicolo, are part-Grass.

15) Water – 57.89%

The one thing that hurts the Water-type’s ranking is the amount of Water types. Having a large pool of Pokemon can hurt you, just like Normal suffered. However, there are Water-types that I love – Ludicolo is my favourite Pokemon after Luxray and Roserade, and you can’t forget Omastar or Inteleon, or my favourite fully-evolved starter, Primarina.

14) Fighting – 63.75%

Fighting isn’t one that I utilise a lot, but the inclusion of a few favoured Fighting-types in Alola helped (Stufful, anyone?). I at one point said Fighting was my least favourite type, and I think that sentiment wasn’t quite right, but it was close. I think it’s the aesthetic and trying to find a Fighting-type that I really like.

13) Bug – 65.22%

The Bug-type isn’t one that I normally use often. It was only in Gen 7 when the Bug-type started to get likeable – examples of which are Frosmoth and Charjabug. I rarely use Bug-types on my teams, and I used Charjabug through most of my Ultra Sun playthrough and loved it.

12) Steel – 66.2%

The Steel-type is a powerhouse, especially up to Gen 6. My favourite Legendary, Dialga, is part-Steel. We also have Corviknight and Duraludon as part of the roster of awesome Steel-types now, but it’s that goddamned Klink line…

11) Flying – 67.52%

I think the issue that I have with the Flying type is mainly due to the types that get tacked onto it – this includes the Route 1 birds, of which Staraptor is my favourite (as well as Corviknight); therefore it is my go-to to use as my Flying-type pick.

10) Fire – 68.67%

The Fire-type was my starting-point for Pokemon. I chose Charmander for my first-ever starter, as I loved anything fire or lightning (or Electric in this case). However, Charizard’s overdone now, which didn’t help. There is still a plethora of adored Fire-types, including the Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.

9) Psychic – 69.03%

The Psychic-type was busted in Generation 1, back then with only two weaknesses, and none of which were really viable (see Gengar and under levelled Scyther). The Psychic-type is shown to have great strength, and that’s why Lugia was made a Psychic rather than a Water (dude it should have been part-Water!). There are so many Psychic-type Legendaries and Mythicals too, see Jirachi, Celebi, Deoxys just to name three.

8) Rock – 72.91%

The Rock-type isn’t normally seen as great, but I love using Rock-type Pokemon. Golem, Coalossal and the fossils (up to Gen 8, of course). Even something as simple as Shuckle is fun if I do say so myself, even if it is a bit terrible in battle (it was also my first Lucky Shiny in Pokemon Go).

7) Ground – 75.31%

I’ll preface this now: the entire Rhyhorn line was done dirty with Rhyperior. Otherwise, the Ground-type is a great type to use. In Gen 1, it was most commonly in tandem with the Rock-type, giving it a 4x weakness to Water and Grass. It made choosing Bulbasaur or Squirtle in the early game (or choosing Charmander and getting Bellsprout/Oddish) very viable. But there are great Ground-types that I love – Sandaconda, Groudon, Rhydon and Palossand to name but a few.

=5) Dark – 76.81%

Who’d have thought that Dark and Electric types would be a tie? I didn’t think so! We’ll start with the Dark-type because the Electric-type is a personal preference for me. The Dark-type is a great type to utilise against Psychic-types, although I don’t see why the Route 1 rodents (Rattata and Zigzagoon) are given the Dark/Normal type combination – I shake my head. Otherwise, we have lovely Dark-types such as Umbreon, Grimmsnarl, Hydreigon and Absol (I loved using Mega Absol for the Magic Bounce ability).

=5) Electric – 76.81%

Together in Electric dreams, I was hoping this would be the top pick. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We obviously have the greats, such as Luxray, Toxtricity and Electivire, but then we also have…Voltorb, Plusle and Minun. Even Connor’s favourite Eeveelution, Jolteon, is great too.

4) Fairy – 77.78%

The Fairy-type has become a powerhouse since its inception in Generation 6. They certainly made ORAS easier to play through (I just wish Juan’s Kingler was around so I could wreak revenge) thanks to Gardevoir. There are some Fairy-types that I don’t favour, such as Igglybuff or Cleffa (not huge on the baby Pokemon in general though).

3) Ghost – 78.69%

Ghost is a typing that I just know I like a lot of the Pokemon. Firm favourites of mine include Drifblim, Mismagius, Chandelure and Giratina. However, there are a couple that I don’t favour – Rotom being one of them. Here’s a rant: I hate the Rotom Dex saying ‘Hey Roto-L. I will give you advice that you didn’t ask for.’ Like I didn’t ask for the information, I’ve been playing the games for seven years now, bugger off!

2) Poison – 80.26%

I call my Roserade ‘the Fairy Killer’ due to it being the top Poison attacker currently in Pokemon Go, and while Poison is used heavily in conjunction with the Grass-type, there have been loads more uses for it in Gen 8, from Toxtricity to Eternatus (the first Poison-type Legendary, too). There aren’t many Poison-types I don’t like, but I can definitely say Swalot can take a hike.

1) Dragon – 88.73%

I think the Dragon-type is the epitome of ‘quality over quantity’. There are few Dragon Pokemon that I dislike, such as Guzzlord or Druddigon – the others are fantastic in their own ways, from design to lore, and even how they battle. Now can we talk about how Dragapult is my new favourite pseudo-legendary (sorry Hydreigon, you’re still good though).

It’d be interesting to see what types you end up ranking the highest or lowest. Please let me know in the comments – maybe your favourite type really isn’t your favoured?

November Writing Challenge Overview

Hello everyone! When this post goes live, the last of the November Writing Challenge prompts and stories will have gone live too. Here, you can find the collection of thirty stories. Thanks to Tim for providing sixteen of those prompts! He had these prompts as part of his Mid-Month Short Story Challenge, so I decided to try out every single one. And it’s been fun, although very tiring and stressful at times.

However, I’ve enjoyed being able to put my mind towards something to draw some inspiration. Through the course of this month, I realised I prefer writing short stories as opposed to full novels.

Again, I like to thank all of my new readers and followers, you are all very much appreciated! I may do something like this in the future, but I might write more posts relating to the art of writing as opposed to actually writing stories for a while.

Here is the full collection:

Prompt Story
  1. You’re the ghost. Dress yourself for a haunt
2. A mad dash through the airport Airport Crisis
3. People watching (part 1) Diary of a Receptionist
4. A queue for a videogame The Queue
5. Cosplay A Day at F-Con
6. An end of a relationship When She Loved Me
7. A discovery of a dead body Deadly Life
8. Tell a story about a party A Bonfire Party
9. A date that doesn’t go as expected Old Wounds
10. An event with cake A Girls’ Afternoon
11. Your take on film noir Dead Memories
12. Writing a story based on a song you picked A Normal Tuesday Night
13. Pen a letter to a stranger A Letter To You
14. Meeting your idol A Chance Encounter
15. On recapturing feelings that are long gone Bem-vindo a Casa
16. Write a fantasy story about a sacred weapon Judas
17. Discovery A Serene Feeling
18. There are demons inside us all He Who Dwells Inside
19. In a cafe Cafe Rouge
20. Explaining first world problems to aliens Humans – A Behavioural-Based Study
21. “I’m no illusion” A Broken Man
22. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it” An Unexpected Invasion
23. Hospital waiting room The A&E Wait
24. People watching (part 2) The Shoppers in Colombo
25. Write about an actual dream you had A God Slayer Glitch
26. “You’re…tall” Making Friends in High Places
27. A story centering on change From Rain To Sun
28. A lazy day A Little Procrastination
29. Writing a story based on a song I pick for you Of Pictures and Paranoia
30. Dealing with the ghosts of your past The Ghosts of a Kind Past


The Ghosts of A Kind Past – November Writing Challenge 30

Hello, and we’re getting into the Christmas spirit! And with that, how about a Christmas tale reminiscent of A Christmas Carol? We’re going right in with dealing with the ghosts of your past – thanks Tim for providing our final prompt for our challenge, and what a ride it’s been!

I didn’t know if I’d make it through this Christmas, although my kind grandchildren decorated for me, so they had hope concerning my longevity. I never thought I’d have the attention of my loved ones – most of the people I knew from bingo had not seen their families in years.

Sometimes I wondered how I deserved to have such a caring family.

My daughter, Eloise, had stepped up since the death of my husband, Lewis. I hadn’t asked for the help, I’d been independent before I’d met him, and even after marrying him.

My grandchildren were making their own families, but they still had time for me. They had just left, having cooked a grand Christmas Eve dinner, with the promise of visiting and doing the same tomorrow. I was humbled by the attention.

I walked towards my bed, and spoke a small prayer of thanks, before tucking myself in. I was happy to sleep, it had been a long day.

Except there was a mad draft coming in through the bedroom window. Even though I was sure I’d left the window shut this morning, I went over to shut it again, before, once again, tucking myself into bed.

Except…I felt pressure on my feet. I sat up and turned the light back on, and I could see a toddler playing on my feet. I recognised her from the photos, but before I could voice my surprise, another child came running up to the side of the bed. She was the same as the toddler, but slightly older, in her school uniform.

‘Fancy a glass of chartreuse?’ a woman’s voice stood out. I turned to her, and I pieced the pieces of the puzzle together.

These apparitions were all of my younger self.

‘Did you?’ she asked again, and I realised that she was asking me.

‘Oh, no thanks, dear. But…can I ask something?’ I was confused as to why my past selves were gathering around me on this evening, of all times, so close to when I would no longer live on this Earth.

‘Oh go on,’ she replied, putting down the glass. I straightened up and looked at her properly.

‘Why are you here?’ Upon hearing my question, she delved into a huge belly-laugh that I always used to be paranoid about.

‘It’s simple, really. You’ve been questioning your worth. By being here, I’m sure we’ll help you,’ she spoke, holding my hand. Behind her, I saw another younger version, this time in a graduation cap and gown. I remembered the slightly bulbous nose that I’d had fixed after that day.

‘You graduated with honours, something your parents would never accomplish. You were accused of being mental patient material. You wanted to make sure you never did that to your children.’

‘Of course! What sort of parent would hurt their child?’ I almost shouted, but my voice caught in my throat, and silent tears fell. I remembered the haunting times of my childhood, teen years and even adulthood. It made me sure that I would never allow my children to feel that pain, and so I showered them with love, no matter how much they felt smothered. Eloise and Matthew turned out for the best, as happy adults with their own happy children.

‘It wasn’t just your children,’ my past self spoke, ‘you were kind to everyone, charitable. You would give free bread from your merchant store to the homeless. You were the one rallying for your friends when they needed help, and damn you did a good job.’

‘Do you think I’ve been too kind? As in, I could have been taken advantage of.’

‘Oh of course not. You could never be too kind. I would say you were the kindest soul, and I’m sure everyone else would say just as much.’

As if on command, my life started to flash before my eyes – my first memory of getting an injection, followed by my parents’ cruel punishments as a child, kids bullying me at school, then my teen years of rebellion, followed by a college education where I met Lewis through a friend. The memories continued, including my graduation ceremony from university, the sudden death of my father, negating all contact from my mother, the birth of Matthew, followed by Eloise three years later, their lives being enriched and nourished as I took care of them while Lewis worked. Then I opened up a merchant’s stall and meeting the locals and engaging with the community. Then my children grew up and had children of their own. And then where I was now, being embraced and loved by my family, who had grown with me as their loving matriarch. I shed tears, accepting who I was and that my kindness had influenced the lives of countless people around me.

The ghosts disappeared through the window, that I now had to close again in order to keep warm. I went back to bed, and went to sleep, sound in the knowledge that I was appreciated and loved, as long as I was appreciative and loving.

As if someone heard my prayer, I spent Christmas and New Year surrounded by family.

In Memoriam

Marnie Watson

Born February 20th 1987

Died January 2nd 2073

The kindest soul

Finally reunited with Lewis Watson

Of Pictures and Paranoia – November Writing Challenge 29

Hello again! Right now you’ll realise that after tomorrow’s submission, that’s the end of the November Writing Challenge, and I’m so happy to have done a whole month of submissions, and I’ve had fun with it, though. 

Today’s prompt is a story based on a song that has been picked for me. Thanks, Tim for the prompt, and he chose three specific songs for readers/writers to choose from, incorporating lyrics. I chose Live Through The Night by Dear Rouge. It’s my favourite of the three, so I wanted to!

Aerys hummed to herself as she was preparing food for the birthday party the day after. The food that she had finished was wrapped in cling film or tin foil, and the rest was in the oven or being made.

She had just taken the pigs in blankets out of the oven, where she heard the door open and close. She knew that Ian, her husband of seven years, was home from work at long last.

‘Hey love,’ she shouted from the kitchen, before making her way into the living room. She stopped as she saw Ian’s face set in a scowl that usually meant a terrible day at work.

‘Is everything okay?’ she asked. Ian threw the bag and coat he was holding onto the floor and dug into his trouser pocket to reveal a picture.

‘What is this?’ He asked, shoving the picture in Aerys’ hands. She looked at him, puzzled, before glancing at the picture.

It was a clear image of herself and a friend of hers, Liam. The two in the picture looked intimate, but to Aerys, it was totally wrong.

‘Can I ask what this is supposed to be?’ she responded, confused. Ian ripped the photo from her hands and walked towards the window.

‘This…THIS…is you with that Liam guy. I’m not thick!’ Ian spat, throwing the photo across the room.

To say Aerys kept her cool was an understatement. She walked to where the photo landed, and picked it up, glancing at it.

‘I’m going to ask you three questions, and you better answer them honestly,’ she spoke.

‘You really want to talk about honesty?’ he retorted. She responded with a look of fury.

‘Question one: when was this photo taken?’ she fired off.

‘This Tuesday morning.’

‘Question two: I’m wearing a black dress with silver trim and flowy arms. Do you remember what happened to that dress after I wore it to Santino’s party last winter?’

‘…no.’ Ian sat down on the sofa, confused as to where Aerys was going with the conversation.

‘Question three: who took this photo?’

‘Austin from Graphic Design.’

Of course. Austin from Graphic Design always had a thing for Aerys, and was insistent, even during Santino’s party.

‘Well if you want to put the pieces together, come find me.’ Aerys walked away to the bedroom, locking the door.

‘Aerys! I don’t know what you want me to piece together! Just tell me!’ Aerys refrained from opening the door, but let him know what he needed to know:

‘First of all, you know I work Tuesdays. If you don’t believe me, take it up with Rae. Secondly, you know I only wore that dress once and you ripped it off me when we fucked after Santino’s party. And third, you know Austin has been trying to break us up since he laid eyes on me – he even tried to stop our wedding. You knew all of this, and you still believe him and his clear Photoshop skills? He’s a graphic designer.’

‘…I’m sorry.’

‘What hope do we have if you won’t trust me, especially when the evidence is there?’

‘I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking! I don’t want to lose you!’ Aerys had started crying, and she tried to stifle the sobs. Before she turned towards the bed, she whispered:

‘Why don’t you let me go?’

A Little Procrastination – November Writing Challenge 28

Y’know, I feel that the closer we get to the end, the better it feels? Mainly because I’m writing the last few posts in bulk so I can enjoy the last week of November, I suppose. This prompt is a lazy day! So it sums up how I feel right now then!

Procrastinating for one day never hurt, right?

I rarely went for a full day of doing nothing – there was always something that I needed to do, whether that was taking the rubbish out to the chute, or just a general walk. But I just wanted to Netflix and chill for the day, and maybe eat some frosting straight from the tub.

A figure next to me woke up – my husband, Liam. We’d never really had a chance to lay back and relax, but we had other things to do, sadly. I got out of the bed and started to open the curtains.

I saw the snow falling to the ground, and I couldn’t be bothered with the idea of leaving the house. The snow seemed to be luminescent, reflecting the sunlight too well. After a while of watching the snow, I finally decided to go for a shower.

Liam seemed to have read my mind – when I arrived back in the bedroom, I noticed he’d lit my toad incense holder, and a lovely rainforest scent was wafting through the room. I smiled, and crawled back into bed, laying the towel on the pillow so that it wouldn’t get too wet.

It was now Liam’s turn to shower, and I turned to grab my phone. I was suddenly inundated with messages – three friends commenting about the snow, then there was Therese about to fly to Thailand for two weeks (lucky bitch), and then post after post reciting the same buzzwords relating to a particular topic that was

Liam arrived from his shower and crawled back into bed.

‘I take it we’re not going anywhere?’ he asked. I nodded, before putting my phone away.

I decided to open my laptop, and load up Netflix – we eventually settled on Greenhouse Academy, but it wasn’t too long before I could hear Liam’s soft snores reverberate through the room. I chuckled and carried on watching, too engrossed by the plot.

It was a while before I felt my eyelids getting heavier. After finishing the episode I was on, I put the laptop away and cuddled into Liam, falling asleep easily.

Upon waking, I noticed Liam had disappeared but replaced with a plate of bacon, sausages, eggs, beans and toast. I suddenly realised how hungry I was, and tucked in.

At the end of the day, I was glad we didn’t have to do a fire evacuation. I didn’t fancy having to get dressed for that! I finally had the lazy day that I wanted.