A Double-Day Bonanza – December Community Day 2019

We knew two things going into December’s Community Day – it would involve the previous 11 Pokemon featured this year, and that it would be on December 14th and 15th.

Today, Niantic formally announced the double-day Community Day in their latest blog post, giving us the following Pokemon and their Community Day signature moves they obtain upon evolving:

  • Totodile – Hydro Cannon
  • Swinub – Ancient Power
  • Treecko – Frenzy Plant
  • Bagon – Outrage
  • Torchic – Blast Burn
  • Slakoth – Body Slam
  • Mudkip – Hydro Cannon
  • Ralts – Synchronoise
  • Turtwig – Frenzy Plant
  • Trapinch – Earth Power
  • Chimchar – Blast Burn

These Pokemon will be spawning in increased rates in the wild from 9am until 9pm local time on December 14th and 15th. As a bonus, between 11am and 2pm local time, we also see these benefits:

  • 2x catch Stardust
  • 2x catch XP
  • 1/2 Egg hatch distance

Also referenced by Serebii, all of the 2018 Community Day Pokemon will be available in raids, as well as their signature moves. If you need a reminder, they are the following:

  • Pikachu – Surf
  • Dratini – Draco Meteor
  • Bulbasaur – Frenzy Plant
  • Mareep – Dragon Pulse
  • Charmander – Blast Burn
  • Larvitar – Smack Down
  • Squirtle – Hydro Cannon
  • Eevee – Last Resort
  • Chikorita – Frenzy Plant
  • Beldum – Meteor Mash
  • Cyndaquil – Blast Burn

There is also potential that all of these Pokemon will rotate in Eggs, so make use of that sweet reduced egg distance!

My Opinion

I like how just like last December, this one is available all day so that you can make the most of the time that you have, and you’re not limited to a small time frame.

On the other hand, apart from Bagon and Torchic, I’m not particularly looking forward to the rest of the Pokemon featured. I already accrued a 96% shiny Swampert, and Slakoth was disgusting in Europe (we know the drill, barely any spawns, and then the make-up weekend took over the Go Fest event spawns). It would be nice, however, to get a good shiny of anything else, really.

I didn’t get to participate much in Swinub Community Day, because I was laid up in bed with an injury, therefore the first one I sort-of missed.

There’s only one thing to say – bring it on!

Humans – A Behavioural-Based Study – November Writing Challenge 20

We’re officially two-thirds of the way into the month! It’s flown by, though. The prompt for today is explaining first world problems to aliens, a different kind of prompt given by Tim, and it’s a good thing I’ve got experience in research papers because this is very strange for a short story, and I couldn’t hit the 1,000 word minimum but this was so hard to write.

The study within this paper will show the different behaviours of the species called ‘Human’. Its aim is to inform and seek out what influences their behaviours. We followed a specimen labelled as Test Subject 1, but they always answered to the name ‘Mark’.

It has been noted that Mark will open their eyes from what they call ‘sleep’ at a time when the Earth orbits the sun at a point where it will rise. It appears that Humans require a certain amount of impetus to start their daily routine, usually making an exclamation that they are late. Their portable communications device is usually to blame, having not alarmed them in order to awaken them from their ‘sleep’. They often wash, either by sitting in a bath filled with perfumed water or by having water fall on them. The latter turned to be strange, considered that they do not like having water poured on them outside while they have their clothes on. Our specimen Mark opted for the waterfall method and was timed at an estimate of ten minutes before leaving the device that was called a ‘shower’.

Humans tended to clothe themselves for the day – perhaps they live in terror of being caught naked? In his studies of Human clothing, Afrax revealed that Humans enforced a law unto themselves stating that nobody must be naked in public, and therefore must be clothed.

After clothing, Humans often engage in a break in their fasting period, where they will ingest a variety of different foods. Sometimes they are joined by a partner and their younger versions of themselves, known as Children. They do not appear to be a hive mind, instead acting of their own free will. The male versions of Humans are identified by a generally larger figure and a special instrument that can only be seen when naked. The female versions of Humans can be identified by the large teats on their chests, oftentimes used to feed their Children, as well as their obsession with porcelain products. The Children, especially at a young age, tend to waddle and fall, not having the capacity to develop as efficiently as our species.

The Humans’ main complaint in their life is about their work – Earth is known as the only planet in the Solar System that requires a monetary payment in order to survive. The Humans had not considered their higher positions of power compared to their other non-Human counterparts. They get into their ships known as ‘cars’ and pilot them to work

Problems that the Humans face on a working day include:

  • A broken computer – usually resulting in a call to the Information Technology department, which asks if the Human ‘turned it off and on again’.
  • A phenomenon known as ‘gossiping’, where Humans talk about each other to other Humans, usually in a degrading manner.
  • Taking part in the act of ‘sleeping’ at their work station.
  • When working with other Humans in a ‘customer service’ environment, a total disregard and/or mockery of the Human ‘customers’.
  • Any attempts to engage the working space as a serene environment do not succeed – in fact, the attempts serve to make the environment much more hostile.
  • Oftentimes in working places, some male Humans will attempt to ‘harass’ the female Humans, and sometimes vice versa.

Our Human subject, Mark, does his work at a factory where a vegetable called beetroot is made. Humans have to be meticulously clean in order to partake in the work, wearing protective equipment. He stands for eight hours within the day, putting the beetroot in packages. After the work, he heads to his ‘home’ for the night.

It is common practice for a Human to discuss or complain about their working day to any person that would listen. Sometimes they will venture to a ‘pub’ or a ‘bar’ to have alcoholic beverages in order to feel intoxicated. They will then return to their homes, where they will argue with their partners about the mundane work life, but they will be eager to repeat.


Cafe Rouge – November Writing Challenge 19

Hello, and oh Jesus, I can’t wait until this challenge is over if I’m honest! I’ve been so focused on finishing everything here, that I’ve neglected the other work I wanted to do. Oh well.

Today’s prompt is a cafe environment. I gave myself this prompt, as usual.

Cafe Rouge finally got ‘The Q-Word’ – we were not allowed to mention that particular word, because we like a busy environment – so we told ourselves. In fact, I preferred it quieter, because I could focus on cleaning the tables. It was peaceful, and so I took the bottle of cleaning solution and a cloth and got to the work.

The other week, I proposed the idea of a cart to put trays and cups on to while we’re cleaning tables, so that we don’t have to juggle everything and potentially break anything – that happened one time to a poor girl who had her trial shift, and she ran out in tears. That was when Mark, our manager, accepted our proposal. The cart worked rather well, I could focus on cleaning that way, and that was my favourite part of the day. So I was putting the trays and cups and teapots on the cart as I cleaned.

Out of the window, I watched a man take a rotisserie chicken out of a paper bag and give small chunks to his corgi, as well as feeding himself. They looked content.

I mused about them as I carried on cleaning the tables – how nice it must have been to feel so care-free. I soon finished the tables, and I took the cart of trays and cups back to the kitchen, where I hosed them down before putting them in the steam-cleaner for a couple of minutes. I pulled out my hair-tie and re-tied my hair, having felt the ponytail come loose throughout the day.

‘CAN WE HAVE HELP PLEASE?’ Marie called from the till, and I brushed down my apron before heading to the front, where I recognised the next customer as Francine.

‘Hey, Francine! Usual medium peach iced tea to stay in?’ I asked, having remembered her usual order.

‘Ooh yes please! And can I have one of those custard tart things, please? The pastel ones.’ I walked towards the dessert selection and used the tongs to pick up a pastel de nata, before placing it on a plate and setting that on a new tray.

‘Is that everything?’ I asked, and Francine shook her head, before giving me her points card and the exact change, before she went towards one of the booths to plug her laptop in and start working on her thesis. It was her usual routine since she started her third year at university. I went on with making her iced tea, while Marie served the other incoming customers.

It was convenient that by the time the customers were served, it was time for me to clock out for the day. I went to the computer screen to sign myself out, before waving goodbye to Marie and Francine on the way out. I was eager to get back home and stream some Netflix for the night.

He Who Dwells Inside – November Writing Challenge 18

Hello once again, and now that we’re getting into the closing stages of the challenge, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that’s joined me on this ride so far. It’s been immense and at times a struggle.

The prompt for today is there are demons inside us all, provided today by Tim!

If someone had told me that I’d be waking up with a niggling voice in my head, they wouldn’t be wrong. But I thought that would have been my inner voice telling me that I need to pay my rent or to drop £50 to buy that new videogame.

I didn’t expect a literal person talking to me.

The last thing I did before I slept the previous night was watching some show about people trying to change the world through philanthropy. I mean, I was intrigued, but I was too exhausted. It was safe to say I wanted to go to bed, but instead, I slept on the sofa.

The next morning, I woke up in bed with a pounding headache. Which was strange, considering I hadn’t fallen asleep in bed – unless I was sleepwalking again? Surely not!

You fool! It was me!

I couldn’t place the voice, it certainly wasn’t mine. But I ignored it and got up to take a shower. I felt my hair, and it was surprisingly still damp. I still trudged on, needing to brush my teeth at least.

But…there were red stains on the mirror. How? I kept everything meticulous! I even ironed my socks every day! I scrubbed away the stains until there was no hint of them left, and I set to brushing my teeth and brushed my hair afterwards.

The next thing I did was head to the living room and turned on the news, where I found a breaking news segment:


‘Lana Ellis, the woman who helped change the feminist wave, has been found dead in the Central Area fountain earlier this morning. A dog-walker found the body, which had been beaten before being drowned.’

My heart sank. The cultural phenomenon these days was to ‘cancel’ anyone with an opposing view, and feminists were the new kind of people everyone feared, for the wrong reasons. The feminist wave took flight, but there were opponents to it.

Bitch had it coming!

It was that voice again. The shifty-sounding voice that concerned me earlier. It spoke in a gruff manner, like an old man that hadn’t showered in a month. I scrunched my nose, before deciding to get dressed and head out for the day.

The day was overcast, raining, and I’d had a jacket underneath my coat. I felt too warm, I knew I would collapse at some point if I didn’t rest and de-layer. The voice in my head, screaming at me, wasn’t helping.

You’re in so much shit! You’re in so much shit! They’re going to come after you! Ha, ha!

I tried to drown out the voice, but there was no use. As I staggered forward to the bench, I tripped over a pothole and everything fell to black.

It was completely dark when I awoke next, back in my bed in my flat. I was more dishevelled this time, and I felt dampness on my face and fingers.

It’s great to kill through you!

I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Shine No Evil – Chimchar Community Day Round-Up

It’s a corny title, I know. But here we are with another Community Day round-up for you guys. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pokemon-related post because my short stories have taken up all of my time.

It was quite a misty morning when I left, but I managed to make my second Pokestop submission – I might write about this later. I then went to do a nearby Shinx raid, before taking on the task of the day – catching a bunch of Chimchar.

The frequency of Chimchar off the bat was already better than that of Trapinch, and I made my way up to Central Park to continue my shiny journey. I was battling the elements – the rain was spitting, as it does on event days like this. I couldn’t find anyone that I knew for a while, I was by myself with my music to keep me company – not even a shiny Chimchar.

It took a while before I found a couple of people that I knew – Sam and Lewis, and I joined them for the rest of the day. We also took on some Rocket stops, as I still needed to finish the research line before taking on the Team Leaders.

Half an hour in, I caught my first shiny Chimchar (spoilers, this is the shiny Chimchar I evolved into Infernape with Blast Burn).

We were occasionally joined by this awesome kid, Oscar. We all had a good show of competing for shinies, I was four-deep when Lewis ran away from an encounter with Arlo.

After a while, I was the one to beat in terms of shinies, they came in steadily. I was even threatened to be thrown into the pond at the Pods, along with my phone.

The weather was continuously getting worse, but we were sticking around until after Community Day. And honestly, not a whole lot happened until it hit 2pm. Earlier, we had an announcement that Galarian Weezing would make an appearance in a Raid Hour straight after Community Day, which we were hyped as hell for.

I managed to catch 2 Galarian Weezing before we all lost interest and wanted to go home due to the sudden hellish downpour.

I ended with 9 shiny Chimchar and 2 Galarian Weezing. I also got soaked on the way home, which was great. I had the most shinies out of our group (Sam, usually the luckiest, only got four). I was disliked a little while, let’s just say that much!

And this was how my conversation went with Connor when I got home:

Me: ‘Yeah, I caught one shiny.’

Connor: ‘ONE?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Connor: ‘Oh…’

Me: ‘Plus eight.’

Connor: I was gonna say…

And that was (probably) the last new Community Day – December’s is expected to be a re-release of the past year’s Community Day Pokemon (yes, sadly including Slakoth). Can’t wait for that one, it’ll span both weekend days!

A Serene Feeling – November Writing Challenge 17

Hello, and damn, we’re really getting through the stories now! Let’s dive right in!

This prompt is about discovery, and I gave myself this one too. I based the locations from the ones in Lisbon, of course.

It started as a walk around the neighbourhood, eager to learn what I could about where I was living. I had been there a few months now, and I had the opportunity to explore.

It started in Cais do Sodre, at the ferry station. I had explored a lot of Lisbon in my time there, but I wanted to see a famous marvel up close and personal. It was reassuring that my Metro daily pass would get me across the River Tejo to my destination.

The ferry ride itself was strange – I had never been on a boat ride quite like this before. The tourists (myself included) spent the travel time taking pictures of the river and the view of the city from the ferry. The ride was very smooth, as it was a sunny day without any choppy waters. We arrived safely at the Transtejo Cacilhas, and it was on to the Metro station. And thus, I’d arrived at Almada.

I noticed that there were no underground Metro stations, just stops, just like the tram system in the United Kingdom, where it ran on tracks on the road. I had to scan my Viva card within the carriage of the Metro train, and take a seat and watch the world pass me by as we travelled, which was foreign to me now that I’d gotten used to the lack of views underground.

I stopped at the São João Baptiste stop and made my way to the square, where a floor fountain was spitting up water, and a McDonalds was nearby so that I could grab a quick lunch before making the walk.

After eating, I made the walk up to the major roundabout, where the starting point in my adventure was. I made my way through the side-streets and up the winding hill pathway, seeing the statue in its constant glory, getting ever-closer. At points, I watched over the views of Almada, before finalising my trip. My legs were aching from the constant uphill walking, but I had made it.

I stood in front of the Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei, amazed at the architecture of the entrance before I walked in. I was astounded at the free admission, and I was suddenly hit by choir music, coming through the speakers on a few decorated pillars.

I made my way past the statue and stood at the fence surrounding the edge, where other tourists were. They were busy taking selfies and using the binoculars to capture the rest of the world in detail. I was staring off into the distance, over the Ponte 25 de Abril, looking over Lisbon, and looking beyond, at the planes occasionally passing by, taking the atmosphere in. I was at peace.

I came to the discovery that, even with the tourists around, I found the sanctuary to be the most serene place I had ever been. The choir music, the architecture, the open landscape, the view of the city across the river, even the knowledge of where I was, was enough to give me that feeling.

The discovery I had made that day was the feeling of serenity.

Judas – November Writing Challenge 16

Hello again! I’m back with another writing prompt, again given by Tim. Today’s is ‘Write a fantasy story about a sacred weapon’. I’m also lifting this story from my boyfriend Connor’s tabletop roleplay game Parallel, where there is a fantasy element, and my character in said game found a sacred weapon.

When Sierra accepted the adventure, she was expecting more freedom and less swimming in strange bodies of strangely sparkling water for weapons. She and her cousin Blake had discovered a sword and an axe at the bottom of a pool in this broken dimension. The sword had called to him, and he volunteered. The squid-like creature that followed us here would have been better suited for the job, but the cousins had to suffice. After all, Secksy was on a different island nearby and weren’t in the most patient of moods.

Blake went first and retrieved the sword. Sierra waited until Blake was out of the water before she made her way to the axe, which she was able to retrieve with surprising ease. Just as she emerged from the water, the world made a sickening lurch, and Sierra was sent to the main island, next to Greenscale, who was napping. In front of her, was Greenscale, but with an aura that was…off. Suspicious of the new Greenscale in front of her, Sierra swung with the axe and missed. However, the axe flew out of her hands and to the other side of the island.

‘JUDAS!’ Sierra cursed, running towards the axe. The axe stayed still long enough for her to pick it back up. She turned towards the fake Greenscale, who had a sombre expression upon his face and had gained patches all across his body.

‘Oh, how I would love to have that axe,’ he calmly spoke, albeit his tone of voice matching his expression.

‘You can have it in your face!’ She retorted, swinging the axe, this time cutting through his form like air. Feeling a sudden lurch again, she cried out, as she was thrown into a dingy bedroom, along with the real Greenscale. None of her party was to be seen. Sierra turned towards the fake Greenscale, whose form had changed to reveal a patchy draconian form with sapphire-blue scales.

‘Where the hell did you take me, and where is everyone else?’ Sierra growled, holding the axe towards the stranger in her right hand while forcing a high voltage of lightning power in her left.

‘I wanted to speak to you alone, but unfortunately, because of the form I took, I didn’t have much of a choice,’ the stranger replied, nodding towards Greenscale, who sat in a chair by the corner of the room, suspiciously eyeing the stranger in the room. Sierra turned back towards the patched figure.

‘Well, who are you and why do you want this axe?’

‘I have no name. And I can no longer have that axe. You see, you named the axe “Judas”. The axe will no longer leave your side permanently.’

‘Well…I shall call you Patches. Because it’s easier when we all have names here. I’m Sierra, and this is Greenscale. What do you know about this axe?’

‘This axe and the sword that your cousin collected are part of a duet. Because you named your axe Judas, it is to always return to you, no matter the cost. It’s one of the god-made weapons, forged by Verallesh, Kantor’s demigod of lust. While we assumed she originally dispossessed it after it was used to destroy the original Kantor demigod of violence, she instead passed it on to a mortal to carry out her deeds. Let’s just say Quirkshire also faced the brunt of the actions.’

‘So these are god weapons? Like, seriously powerful?’ Sierra questioned.

‘Yes. Although I’ve lost count as to how many times the weapon was passed down. The last time this weapon was reclaimed before yourself, the mortal wasn’t able to give a name to the weapon, and then the clash between themselves and the wielder of the sword occurred. They slew the one that had been corrupted by the sword, and that mortal dispossessed the axe and the sword into a ruptured chaos domain.’

‘But I’ve got it now…’

‘Yes, the weapons’ purposes were lost due to the emotional turmoil between the last two mortals that possessed them. But then you and your companion came and found them before any army or oracle could.’

In the end, Sierra never returned to the island dimension, nor did she return to her homeworld. Instead, she would walk the dimensional planes with Patches and Greenscale, continuously carrying Judas.